The Beauty and the Priest – Part II – Parshat Tetzaveh

Choosing a name for the blog has been a rare pleasure that I surprisingly look forward to when sitting down to write. I liked this title the first time around1 and just had to give it another round. The fact that it is the week before Purim also allows for a certain light, Purimmy atmosphere.

We recall the kohen being commanded in Parshat Tetzaveh to wear special clothes for honor and glory.2 Why, asks Rabbi Reuven Brand, is there a double language of honor and glory? Are they not synonyms? Apparently not, he answers. Honor is that way in which we view ourselves – self-respect. This is not to be confused with haughtiness or egocentricity. After all, we pray every month for wealth and honor. Having a sense of self-worth is important. Glory, on the other hand is how we present to others.

While taking care of ourselves, we must also present ourselves with dignity to others.3 It can at times be challenging. There may be times when we are called to do things with others which we are not comfortable with yet we do not want to offend them. This reminds me of the following quote: Which is the right path that a person should choose for himself? That which is an honor to the person and, due to which, glory will come to him from others.4

We are not here only for ourselves. But we cannot forget our own needs.5  We are here for a reason. Our lives have meaning and we are therefore meaningful. The moment when we truly recognize this is often uplifting and inspiring. We are meaningful.

For honor and glory – it sounds like a beautiful way to live, not just for the priest but for all of us.

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  5. This is a favorite theme of Dr. Viktor Frankl in many of his works

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