There are lots of tiny decisions we all make every day. What is the best thing to do? What would make you happy with yourself looking back at the end of your life? These are the kinds of questions logotherapy addresses.

Is there a way you can know which will be the most satisfying and meaningful choice?

We can address the question in one of two ways: in the moment and long term.

In the moment, you can be still and listen, and you will hear and inner voice of guidance. You can ask yourself questions, such as. Is what I am about to do life-promoting? To whom or what am I responsible? What opportunity is this situation giving me?

These are good guidelines, but they are not enough, because anxiety, self-doubt, ignorance and a host of other emotions and limitations will tend to cloud your vision and shut out your voice of conscience, which is your voice of wisdom.

How can you learn to trust yourself more?

There are 12 long-term strategies

  • Recognize what is making you do stupid things
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Pay attention to the obvious
  • Focus on what is important
  • Visualize a better world and then be that
  • Ask for guidance and then do what you think is best
  • See everything as an opportunity for kindness
  • Enjoy and be grateful for everything you have
  • Think critically and be humble
  • Take reasonable risks and use mistakes as building blocks
  • Do a regular contemplative practice
  • Know your worth and know that everything you do matters

Each week we will explore one of these.