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Family Fusions
Author: Avrohom Weiss, MA MFT
August 22nd, 2016

Understanding What's Happening in Conflictual Family Interactions I currently work for a community based psychotherapy service provider that reaches out to families that are undergoing stress.  Our teams go into the homes of struggling families, conduct assessments, and help the family learn new techniques and healthier communication skills. I was assigned to work with the Hernandez family in the Bronx. Mrs. Hernandez explained that he …
You can Count on me!
Author: Avrohom Weiss, MA MFT
February 29th, 2016

The Role of Reliability Children need to grow up in a world where they can depend on the fact that the home, people, and basic circumstances that they go to sleep with at night will be there in more or less the same way the next morning. Life needs to be dependable in order to feel safe. While the nature of life is that often the exact opposite is true- that our world is a precarious one that can yield devastation and change in the blink of an e …
United, In Mission
Author: Avrohom Weiss, MA MFT
May 29th, 2015

Have you ever felt that too much time is spent lecturing our children?   We guide them, lead them, and at times, discipline them. We do this, presumably,  with the hope that our children will grow to become self empowered, self aware, and productive members of society. The job is often all encompassing and exhausting.   As adults we know that lecturing of any kind can be tedious and over bearing. Yet, our parenting is often compris …
With An Eye On The Prize (The Secret of Emotional Intelligence)
Author: Avrohom Weiss, MA MFT
May 15th, 2015

Occasionally an idea blossoms and resonates with such meaning and significance it is impossible to ignore. When encountering such bursts of inspiration, one cannot help but be inspired to share. Such is my reaction after reading a recent article by Andrea Ovans, the senior editor of the Harvard Business Review, on the topic of Emotional Intelligence and its prominence as a central common denominator in successful leaders. Ovans states: Corporate …
The Ultimate Vow
Author: Avrohom Weiss, MA MFT
May 8th, 2015

Few scenes so inspire the heart and mind as those of a young bride and groom whom, to the soft strains of haunting melody, ascend to the marriage canopy and launch  themselves to a new and hopeful tomorrow. 

Looking into the eyes of the young bride and groom- and those of their parents as they hand their child off a new world of togetherness, is something I find mesmerizing. Either luminously large, or clenched shut in silent …
Author: Avrohom Weiss, MA MFT
May 1st, 2015

In last week’s article I wrote about the pivotal balance between raising happy children in a competitive world and the importance of instilling a recognition of the importance of exercising self control.   I would like to focus now on one crucial idea that I believe is the very foundation stone upon which all successful parenting is predicated upon. When contemplating the following, we as parents will stand a great chance at inculcatin …
To Let Each Other Be
Author: Avrohom Weiss, MA MFT
April 24th, 2015

Trying to raise happy children in this day and age has become a hot topic. Parents spend an inordinate amount of time dedicated towards making their children happy. From their youngest ages, we introduce our children to pastimes and activities hoping they will serve them with satisfying doses of self content.   Caring parents extend themselves, exhaust themselves, and sometimes impoverish themselves spending beyond their means to insure that …
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