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Integrative Psychotherapy & Trauma Recovery
Esther Goldstein LCSW, Trauma Specialist
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This blog discusses topics on trauma, attachment, relationships, grief, healing, hope and connection. My blogs are inspired by my years of practicing psychotherapy and my ongoing passion for learning and researching about the human mind and its profound healing capacities.
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Internal Family Systems & Pumpkin Spice
Author: Esther Goldstein LCSW, Trauma Specialist
November 21st, 2020
Pumpkin Spice and Parts Work My friend *Shani shows up at my door with a bowl of piping hot chicken soup. I have not been feeling well lately and she knows that a fragrant and nutrient rich bowl of her famous liquid gold will help me feel better. It’s incredible when a friend gets you that intimately. She knows just what I need. I realize immediately that something is not ok with her. Perhaps in the back of her mind she needs something from …
Facing Coronavirus As A Trauma Survivor
Author: Esther Goldstein LCSW, Trauma Specialist
April 23rd, 2020
Hello Trauma Survivor, As we both know, you’re not a stranger to chaos, you’ve been through loss, fear, panic, dread and being on-edge for some or most of your life. With the recent pandemic, coronavirus, you realize the world is in a state of trauma. Yes, it is a trauma, and a valid one. You look around and you see the world panicking, freaking out, or some being in utter denial, and you roll your eyes inside.  They just don' …
Tags: longisland-new-york-counseling
Emerging Trauma Memories? + 4 Coping Tips!
Author: Esther Goldstein LCSW, Trauma Specialist
May 6th, 2019
“Something is wrong with me, and I think I’m going crazy. I know my life wasn’t perfect, but suddenly I’m flooded with images I never knew existed and I can barely function. What’s wrong with me?” “I know I had trauma and/or anxiety, and I did some good talk therapy years ago, but suddenly it’s coming back with a whole new force, how do you explain this? And will it ever get better?” When cl …
Tags: therapy, somatic, trauma, memories, emdr
8 Things to Know About High Functioning Anxiety
Author: Esther Goldstein LCSW, Trauma Specialist
May 1st, 2019
When you say the word anxiety, you probably just shrug your shoulder and think “we all have it, sometimes.” And, you’re right. Anxiety is a very normal part of life. Anxiety is a response to stress and as humans, we are programmed to respond to stressors to get things done; finish the project, make a big decision or go for that last minute errand run. However, “regular anxiety” comes and goes. Anxiety that creeps i …
Tags: high-functioning-anxiety
2 Questions to Deepen Your Holiday & Spring Break
Author: Esther Goldstein LCSW, Trauma Specialist
April 18th, 2019
Want to deepen your living experience with the current Holiday and Spring Break? Seasons, Holidays, Changes and Shifts. With every season of the year theres a newness, a rebirthing, a shifting. As well, with every season of our lives, there are changes. Tight spaces, wide spaces, new spaces and old spaces. There’s darkness, and light. Empty branches and then, blossoming flowers. And as we go into the holiday and/or spring break season, we …
Boundary Setting & Somatic Therapy + 1 Activity to Develop "Felt Sense"
Author: Esther Goldstein LCSW, Trauma Specialist
February 18th, 2019
Boundary Setting & Somatic Therapy + 1 Step to Cultivate your "Felt Sense"   “I can talk you to you till I’m blue in my face, but I won’t be able to change the way I set limits. I know that I’m not good at setting boundaries, but I don’t know why.” I’m at a coffee date with an old work colleague, and she shares the above. It’s a story that she’s been repeating for some …
Boundaries & Anxiety + 5 Steps to Healing
Author: Esther Goldstein LCSW, Trauma Specialist
February 7th, 2019
“Something’s making me feel really uncomfortable. I’m going to take a moment before continuing onward.” “Every time I spend time at this place/with this person I’m left feeling insecure and doubtful. Hmm, something to look at.” “I don’t like when you talk to me like that.” “Can you please take a step back, this feels too close for me.” “His/Her comment is making me re …
Tags: anxiety, boundaries, codependence, enmeshment
Heal the heartache. How healing attachment wounds offers anxiety relief
Author: Esther Goldstein LCSW, Trauma Specialist
October 2nd, 2018
    Have you been struggling with anxiety that has no “apparent” cause? There’s nothing in particular that’s on your mind, yet there’s this nagging feeling of worry, of panic or of fear. You may be dreading a time of year, a new interaction, a recent shift in your love relationship or demands your family or work life is putting on you, but none of these equate to the feeling of discomfort you&r …
Tags: trauma therapy, anxiety treatment, ptsd, long island, new york, anxiety disorders
Do I need Trauma Therapy? 10 Questions for Clarity
Author: Esther Goldstein LCSW, Trauma Specialist
September 15th, 2018
“Don’t you think we all have trauma?” A sweet young woman inquired after we both shared about our professions as we waited on line. I answer , “Yes, most of us have gone through some sort of trauma, however, this does not mean that everyone needs therapy.” She seemed perplexed. A therapist who doesn’t push therapy? To help clarify I explained: “Well, the only reason you need treatment is if your mind an …
Tags: trauma therapy, ptsd, dissociation, mind body spirit healing
What is Trauma? Trauma Therapy Defined
Author: Esther Goldstein LCSW, Trauma Specialist
September 12th, 2018
Trauma and Trauma Therapy Have you ever experienced a disturbing event that left you with this sense of overwhelm, helplessness and feeling out of control? If yes, it's possible that the stressful situation traumatized you. Psychological trauma leaves its mark by leaving you grappling with memories, anxieties and upsetting emotions that just won't let up. Traumatization can also present itself if you are left feeling disconnected, unable to tru …
Tags: trauma therapy, ptsd, long island, five towns, dissociation, mind body soul healing