The Flash Technique is a unique EMDR method that works well with a single disturbing event, memory or thought. It often works in just one session! Some clients actually leave a’ Flash’ session grinning after feeling hopeless before we started ‘Flash’, it’s gone, just like that! Some people say “come on, that’s weird, I’m skeptical, how could it work so fast”? I would be skeptical too and nothing is ever a guarantee but the good news is there’s no known side effects, so why not try it!
Just last week I tried the ‘Flash Technique’ with a client who could not stop thinking about something that was annoying and disruptive on a daily basis causing shame and embarrassment just for having the thought! At the end of the Flash session, the client said “it feels fine now but I’m skeptical so I’m going to rate it as a 1.5” (out of 10). This week the client walked into the session and announced “it worked, I’m fine. I have something else I want to work on today’. That was a relief to both of us and we began to work on the new issue using traditional EMDR.