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Dina Waxman, LCSW-R


Email: moc.oohay@rwsclnamxawd


Social Anxiety Social anxiety could be crippling. You’re sitting in a room full of people, or perhaps with just one other person, and you start to feel panicked, your words come out awkward and stilted and you wish you could crawl through a hole in the floor. You know you have many positive strengths but the anxiety holds you back in many facets of life: making friends, finding and keeping a job, dating, and the list goes on. You wonder in awe at people who seem to breeze through social situations, silently wishing you could be like them, but feeling that you never will. I’m here to help you achieve those dreams. I’ve helped numerous clients overcome their social anxiety these past 10 years and I want to help you.

Relationships/Personal Empowerment Relationships are complicated. Myriad layers of individual personalities, habits, expectations and needs often clash, leading to conflict. But it doesn’t have to. I would love to teach you the empowering and relationship enhancing techniques that have helped my clients bring their best selves into a relationship, create win/win resolutions and experience noticeable positive changes in their interpersonal dynamics. As a clinical therapist and past director and founder of Binyan Adei Ad: The Shidduchim & Marriage Learning Center which I was privileged to run together with Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, MD and other top mental health professionals, I have had the opportunity to help countless individuals and couples achieve a level of harmony in their relationships that they didn’t dream was possible and I want to help you achieve these goals.

Life TransitionsTransitions are challenging. Human beings are creatures of habit and when what we’re used to changes, even when those changes are positive changes, we can feel overwhelmed and experience extreme stress. The right support can help you through these inevitable life transitions, whether its dating for the first time, starting a new job, getting married, having your first child, divorce, moving, marrying off your children, adjusting to mid life, caring for your elderly parents or becoming older yourself with the new challenges senior life brings, I want to give you the empathetic support you need to adjust to these changes as stress free as possible. And if any of these changes seem like too much a leap for you to reach for, I want to help coach you along towards your goals. It is so inspiring to be privy to the resilience and unbelievable strength my clients have shown again and again throughout the years reaching for and navigating through life’s challenges and I feel privileged to have helped them get through these with equanimity and hope to help you achieve the same.  

I look forward to discussing your needs with you via a free 10 minute consultation call. My office has a private entrance and is conveniently located in Flatbush, a minute walk from bus and subway transportation. 

  • Therapist
  • Gender: Female
  • Languages Spoken: English, Yiddish
  • Years in Practice: N/A
  • Average Cost (per session): $175
  • Sliding Scale: Yes
  • Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
  • Accepts Insurance: None
  • Professional Affiliations:
  • Degrees:
    Degree: LMSW
    Graduate School: Touro College
  • Licenses:
    License: LCSW-R
  • Modalities: Individuals, Couples
  • Ages: Adults, Geriatric
  • Orientation: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Accept clients via telehealth: No
  • Aging/Geriatrics, Anxiety Disorders, Career Planning, Life Transitions, Marital Therapy, Pre-marital Counseling, Relationship Issues, Social Anxiety
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