Because fears and doubts were making it harder and harder for me to work, I decided to try NLP therapy. I wondered if such a short-term therapy could really help me, but I was desperate, so I tried it.

I was, not pleasantly, but stunningly, surprised by the results. Over just a few weeks I became relaxed and confident, and returned to a full-day work schedule with a peaceful mind.

I can tell that some fear is still there, but I control it now, instead of it controlling me. There is “homework” to do, but it doesn’t take very long, and I can feel its results every single day.

As the weeks go by, I am settling slowly into a new habit of tranquility and confidence, things I have been searching for over many years. NLP turned the key in the door, and now what I wanted is in my hand. I can only thank R. Reuven Weinreb for his immensely skillful therapy, his insight in picking the right routines to use and in applying them the way that would be most effective for me, and his willingness to work with me. The experience was enlightening and the results have been life-changing.