Simple Reasons to Believe in Yourself:

When we believe in ourselves we grow and change

We take better care of ourselves

We are kinder and more compassionate to others

We believe in our children

We make better choices and take risks

We set goals and have a better chance of following through with them.

We don't beat ourselves up when we make a mistake or fall.

We don't quit when things get hard.

We don't take things as personally or hold on to grudges.

We are grateful for the body, tools and gifts we were given


Self belief helps us live in-line with our truths. With G-d’s will. It helps us serve G-d with joy. And be happier people. Sometimes along the way realize we don’t believe in ourselves. Sometimes we haven't believed for years. Many of us feel we need a reason to believe. Somewhere along the way we were told or picked up the belief “you can’t succeed”, “you are not worthy”.  I don’t want to point blame on upbringing, confused notions, schools, society or just the generation at large. I think returning back to self-belief is part of the beautiful journey of life. And it’s not a luxury or a nice thing to do. Believing in ones self is essential. And most rewarding.