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Trauma and Trauma Treatments
Category: Professional Cost: $280.99 Presenter: Multiple PresentersPreviously Recorded
Tags: Trauma
Getting to The Core: A Neurological, Belief Focused Approach to Psychotherapy (BFAP)
Category: Professional Cost: $395.99 Presenter: Roy Kiessling, LISWPreviously Recorded
Tags: BFAP,Trauma
The Art of Processing Traumatic Memories with Children and Adolescents
Category: Professional Cost: $29.99 Presenter: Yitzchok Sommer LSW, CASAC-TPreviously Recorded
CEs available: 1
Tags: Adolescents,Children,Trauma
Trauma and Trauma Treatment
Category: Professional Cost: $29.99 Presenter: Ricky Greenwald, PsyDPreviously Recorded
CEs available: 1
Tags: EMDR,Progressive Counting,Trauma
Trauma and Attachment: Effective Treatment Strategies for Individuals and Families Part 1
Category: Professional Cost: $29.99 Presenter: Terry M. Levy, Ph.D.,D.A.P.A., B.C.F.EPreviously Recorded
CEs available: 1
Tags: Trauma
Trauma and Attachment: Effective Treatment Strategies for Individuals and Families Part 2
Category: Professional Cost: $29.99 Presenter: Presenter: Terry M. Levy, Ph.D.,D.A.P.A., B.C.F.EPreviously Recorded
CEs available: 1
Tags: Trauma
The Neurobiology of Trauma
Category: Professional Cost: $29.99 Presenter: Roy Kiessling, LISWPreviously Recorded
CEs available: 1.5
Tags: Trauma
Caring for the Pregnant or Postpartum Woman During and After a Global Crisis
Category: Professional Cost: $29.99 Presenter: Dvora Entin, LCSW, PMH-CPreviously Recorded
CEs available: 1.5
Tags: Anxiety,Covid-19,Mood,Perinatal,postpartum,Pregnant,Trauma,Treatment
Neurobiology of Implicit Bias and Transgenerational Trauma 2 Part 2 CEs
Category: Professional Cost: $39.99 Presenter: Nancy Michael, Ph.DPreviously Recorded
Tags: Cultural Competence,Implicit Bias,Neurobiology,Transgenerational Trauma,Trauma
Helping Challenging Trauma Clients to Open Up
Category: Professional Cost: $39.99 Presenter: Robert T. Muller PhDPreviously Recorded
CEs available: 2
Tags: Phase-based trauma work,Trauma
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Rebecca Dietz, LICSW, Founder and Coordinator, Speak Up HoCo!Aaliyah Nurideen, LSW & Latifah Green, BSAdam Berner, Esq., MAAkiva Perlman, Ph.D, LCSWAlesha Perkins, LCSWAlesha Perkins, LCSW; Vicki-Lynn Brown, LCSWAlexander Rand, LCSW-R, CASACAliza TropperAmber Holmes LCSW & Tiffany Sanders LCSW, LISW-CPAndrew Rose, LCSW Anna C. Kienski Woloski WrubleAri Tuckman, PsyD, CSTBarry Horowitz, LCSWBeverley DamelinBinyamin Tepfer PhD, CST, CSAT-SCarolyn Hahn- Child Forensic Interviewer- Executive Director of CASIE Center (A Multidisciplinary Child Advocacy Center)Chaim Neuhoff, Ph.D.Chaim Neuhoff, PhDChandra Dawson, LISW, LCSWChandra Dawson, LISW, LCSW; Lissa Ramsepaul, LICSW, LCSW-CCharles Sender, LCSWChaya Rubin, Ph.D.Cheryl Dolinger Brown, LCSWChristian Greene, LICSWChristina ScottChristina Scott, LPCC-S, NCCCoordinated by: Talli Y. Rosenbaum, MSc, Certified Sex Therapist (AASECT and ITAM)Crystal Whitlow, LCSWDaniel Hollander, PsyDDaniel J. MoranDavid A. Brent, MDDavid Brent, MDDavid Feifel MD PHDDavid Fox Ph.DDavid Prescott, LCSW, LICSWDavid S. Ribner, DSWDeborah Marchuck, LCSWDenise Quirk Bundick, LCSW Diana Antinoro Burke, Psy.D.Diana Flescher, MDDionne Aldridge, LCSW-CDionne Aldridge, LCSW-C, Inspiring Minds LLCDov Finkelstein, LCSWDr. Ateret Gewirtz MeydanDr. Briana DeNeal-FindleyDr. David Fox Dr. Eli ShapiroDr. Heidi Schreiber-PanDr. Margaret RutherfordDr. Marianela Medrano, PhDDr. Richard BelsonDr. Robert Edelman, MDDr. Robert LebovitsDr. Vercera Harvey-White, LMSW, PhDDr. Yosef Posy Dvora Entin, LCSW, PMH-CDvorah Levy, LCSWEd Yisroel Susskind, Ph.D.Elan Javanfard, M.A., L.M.F.T.Eliot P. Kaplan, PhD, LCSWEliot Yisroel KaplanEmily Capuria, LISW-S, CHHCErik Hadden, MA, LCPCErik Hadden, MA, LCPC, Vital Sources Psychological ServicesEryca Kasse, LICSWEsther B. Hess, Ph.D.Esther Hess, PhDEzra Cowan, Psy.DGinger Healy MSW, LCSWGregory F Jacob, JD - Attorney at Law & Sonia Hinds, APRN, PMH-BC, RPT-SHillary Bolter, LCSW, LCASHillel R. SternsteinHillel R. Sternstein, LCSWHindie M. Klein, PsyDJacqueline GarrickJacqueline Garrick, LCSW-C, ACSWJeffrey Davidson, LCSW-C, LICSW, Director, CE You LLCJeffrey Davidson, LCSW-C, LICSW, Director, CE You!Jonathan Bruce Grayson, Ph.D.Joseph Nissenfeld, MD Kathryn Krase, Ph.D., J.D., M.S.W.Keisha Atlee, LCSW-CKim Cook, LCSWLarry F. Waldman, Ph.D., ABPPLaura Barbanel, Ed.D.Lisa Twerski, LCSWLissa Ramsepaul, LICSW, LCSW-CMarcia Naomi Berger, LCSWMark (Mordechai) SchiffmanMartin FriedlanderMary Jo Barrett, MSWMary Kruger, MS, LMFTMary Rose TicharMichell Stanley, LICSW, RYT, CLC Mordechai SchiffmanMorgan BreonMulitpleMultipleNachum Andrew Klafter, MDNancy Michael, Ph.DNathan A. Solomon, Ph.D.Nathan A. Solomon, Ph.D.Nina Kaweblum, Malkey WallersteinPresenter: Terry M. Levy, Ph.D.,D.A.P.A., B.C.F.ERabbi AJ Twerski, MDRabbi Dr. Dovid FoxRabbi Shlomo Slatkin MS, LCPCRachelle Heinemann, LMHCRebecca Ashery PhD, LCSW-C, Leader-Manager CoachRebecca Dietz, LICSW, Founder and Coordinator, Speak Up HoCo!Ricki BernsteinRicky Greenwald, PsyDRobert Lebovits, PhDRobert T. Muller PhDRobert T. Muller, PhDRobin S Cohen, PhD, PsyDRon Clark, CSW and Theresa Beeton, CSWRona Novick, Ph.DRoni MaislishRonnie Burke, MSWRoy Kiessling, LISWRozi P. Wax, LMFT, LMHCRozi P. Wax, M.A., LMFT, LMHCRozi Wax, MA, LMFT, LMHCRozi Wax,LMFT, LMHCSabra Starnes, LICSW, LCSW-C, RPT-SSara Schwartz Gluck, PhD, LCSWSherrie L. Ludwick, LCPC, NCCSherrie L. Ludwick, LCPC, NCC, SEPShimmy Feintuch, LCSW CASAC-GShoshana Lewin, Psy.DShoshana Lewin, Psy.D.Simcha Feuerman, DHL, LCSW-RSimcha Feuerman, LCSW-RSimcha Feuerman, LCSW-R, DHLSimcha Feuerman,LCSW-RSonia Hinds, APRN, PMH-BC, RPT-SSteven MS Kurtz, PhD, ABPPSusan AndersonTal Weinberger MDTalli Rosenbaum MScTalli Rosenbaum, M.Sc., CSTTalli Y. Rosenbaum, MScTalli Y. Rosenbaum, MSc, AASECT, ITAM)Talli Y. Rosenbaum, MSc, Certified Sex Therapist (AASECT and ITAM)Talli Y. Rosenbaum, MSc., Certified Sex TherapistTalli Yehuda Rosenbaum, MScTa’ir WassermanTerry M. Levy, Ph.D.,D.A.P.A., B.C.F.EThe Relationship Boosters, Monika Ward, LCSW-C, Dr. Kia James, EdD, LCPC and, Carol Ann Trotman, LCPCTom Bunn MSW LCSWTonya Logan, LCSW-C, LICSW, Founder and CEO, Kayla’s VillageTonya M. Logan, LICSW, LCSW-CTraci Stein, PhD, MPHTyler P. Mabry, LCPCYitzchok Sommer LSW, CASAC-T
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